2017 The Seeker

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Model : The Seeker

Manufacturer : Wandersurf Board Co.

Color : Wood / Green

Year : 2017

Size : 9'6"

Type : SUP - All around

Order this board: https://www.wandersurfboardcompany.com/shop/96-the-seeker-wfull-carbon-fiber-paddle The Seeker is a quick responsive board, perfect for anyone looking to improve their skill level. It handles nicely in 3-4 ft surf or while cruising around the bay. The retro green rails and wood deck give this board a laid back SoCal feel. Great for the kids to paddle on and have a great time out on the water. LENGTH WIDTH THICK WEIGHT CAPACITY 9'6' 30" 5" 25 LBS 220 LBS

External Product Url: https://www.wandersurfboardcompany.com/shop/96-the-seeker-wfull-carbon-fiber-paddle