2016 Recon

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Model : Recon

Brand : SIC

Color : Grey

Year : 2016

Size : 11'4"

Type : SUP - Race

"All-Round Fitness / Touring / Surf If you subscribe to the 80/20 rule (surf 80% of the time and paddle flat water recreation and fitness the other 20% of the time), then the Recon 11.4 is a great board for you. This board is fun and versatile. The 11.4 is designed for the person that’s looking for more of a classic longboard feel. It is longer than the than the Recon 10.4 so you have performance with great turning capability. Step forward and get toes-on-the-nose with its full, fun shape nose. If the waves are flat, you can still take this Recon for a good flat water cruise. 11.4 x 29.5 Volume 171 liter"

External Product Url: https://adventuresportsusa.com/demo-used/sup-boards.html