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Model : Albert

Manufacturer : Rock-It Surf

Color : Select from 6

Year : N/A

Size : 5'8" x 20.5" x 2.5" (35.4 L)

Type : SURFBOARD - Soft Top


The Rock-It ALBERT is designed to be the perfect all-around surfboard for beginners--a classic twin-fin retro fish design that is fun to ride, super floaty and easy to catch waves on.  

All Rock-It surfboards are made with quality construction--two wooden stringers and a layer of fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin wrapped around a core made of recycled foam sourced from manufacturing waste.  We then vacuum and heat seal the soft top to ensure that our boards are built to withstand a beating.  

Care Tip: when not in the water, keep the soft-top out of direct sunlight.  Dimensions 5'8" x 20.5" x 2.5" (35.4 L)


This is the everyman’s board...Fat ALBERT could indeed surf this thing, yet it’s still small enough to fit in the back of your clapped-out 80’s Subaru.  Easy to handle to and from the beach and in the water, yet big and floaty enough to catch every wave.  Classic twin-fin retro fish design...super fun and stylish surfing is in your future! 

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