2018 Roots

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Model : Roots

Manufacturer : North 2 Board Sports

Color : Select

Year : 2018

Size : 7.10

Type : SURFBOARD - Funboard

 The N2 Roots 7’10” Surfboard is a great all-around “fun shape” board that bridges the gap between a longboard and shortboard. Wave carving performance like your favorite shortboard, with more float and length for higher wave counts like a longboard. The N2 7’10” Surfboard is performance oriented with a single into double concave bottom and plenty of nose rocker for steep fast waves.


7'10" Funboard Specs

  • Construction: quality precision cnc shaped eps foam core, real balsa wood stringer, epoxy fiberglass, strong fcs fusion fin boxes
  • Dimensions: 7’10" X 22" x 2 7/8”
  • Volume: 54L
  • Weight: 8 lbs

External Product Url: https://www.north2boards.com/collections/surfboards/products/710-sessions-funboard