2018 JP Australia Outback 12.0' X 32.5" - Free Shipping

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Model : JP Australia Outback 12.0' X 32.5" - Free Shipping

Brand : JP-Australia

Color : Light Blue

Year : 2018

Size : 12.0 X 32.5

Type : SUP - Fishing

$1699.00 With Free Shipping to the continental us.

The JP Australia Outback is the versatile board ready for the Angler try to get back in that special fishing spot or someone looking for an efficient stable board for exploring. The Outbacks parallel outline and the sharp displacement bow ensure an effortless and silent glide. Some of the standard fittings are the multiple bungee tie downs, FCS nose plugs for GoPro or the JP standard windsurfing option, the Outback comes with cooler tie-down inserts, inserts for the JP Fishing Rack (sold separately) and a very special and unique storage system – the Light Capsule! Discover the new worlds with the amazing night paddling feature of the Outbacks! The Light Capsule has a transparent bottom that lets you put in a flashlight of your choice for an amazing night paddling sensation! You can, of course use it to store car keys, your favorite drink or even tackle bait. THIS IS SO COOL! Featuring a fully padded nose for a comfortable ride of your kid or your dog. Paddle out and kick back – the Outback is definitely a SUP to check out! All the Outbacks feature bungee ropes on the nose and on the tail All the Outbacks feature THE LIGHT CAPSULE  


10‘6“x31.5“ 320 80 218 13.9 5.5" 12.9 28.4* Race 8.4“ US [RTM]
12‘0“x32.5“ 365 83 295 17.4 6.9" 15.3 33.7* Race 8.4“ US [RTM]
12‘6“x30“ 381 76 301 17.9 7.0" 15.4 33.9* Race 8.4“ US [RTM]
  US = US Box [RTM] = Resin Transfer Molded     Weight Tolerance AST +/-10% *estimated

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