2016 Stiletto KDR

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Model : Stiletto KDR

Brand : Jimmy Lewis

Color : Red

Year : 2016

Size : 10'6"x 24"

Type : SUP - All around

Jimmy Lewis Stiletto KDR (Kids Race) 10'6 x 24 (145L) *FREE SHIPPING and 25% Off! It's very rare to find Jimmy Lewis boards on sale. While supplies last, all 2014 JL Stilettos are 25% off on this site. The 2015 model is arriving in a few months and is identical in shape and construction to the 2014, but with new colors and options. Jimmy combined the best features from his greatest race boards to create the Stiletto Series. The shape is made to excel in all conditions. The KDR kids version is a serious race machine. Low drag displacement hull. Ultimate speed and stability. Recessed deck with automatic water drainage. Race Weed Fin. Self regulating Gore vent. Bungee System. JL Sigature I-Beam Construction

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