2016 Quad

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Model : Quad

Brand : Jimmy Lewis

Color : White

Year : 2016

Size : 5'4"x17, 5'7"x18, 5'11"x18, 6'2"x19

Type : SURFBOARD - Shortboard

JImmy Lewis Kwad

*FREE SHIPPING and 40% OFF!  Under $500 while the liquidation stock lasts.  four available sizes.  Hips forward and quad fins create a loose tail and lots of drive/float. Carves tight but releases on command. Great board for strapless kiting as well.  The ultra strong epoxy PVC sandwich construction allows you to kite with confidence. Includes 4 JL fins. JL Signature I-Beam Epoxy PVC Sandwich Construction is the strongest, lightest out there.  Only ONE 5'4 left.  Check inventory drop down for other sizes.


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