2014 FLUID 8'7" KALAMA

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Model : FLUID 8'7" KALAMA

Manufacturer : Imagine

Color : Orange

Year : 2014

Size : 8'7"

Type : SUP - Surf

 "Dimensions: 8’ 7” X 28” X 3.75”, 107 Liters, 17.5 lbs If you prefer high performance surfi­ng with a longboard style feel and like a board that rolls from rail to rail, then sets up for powerful bottom turns, top turns, and cutbacks, then you will love the Fluid. Just the right amount of rocker, outline and volume distribution. Thinned out nose and tail decrease unnecessary swing weight and allows the last third of the board to be surfed on rail. Amazingly ? owing, forgiving, fun, and insanely responsive. The ultimate wave machine for all types of surf. The Fluid performs on small weak waves but really gets going when conditions get juicy. Kalama Performance in every design detail. Chopping-block super grippy full deck pad with foot brail tail Kick lets you know your feet are in the right spot. Comfy-grip handle. Full Custom Fluxcore wood sandwich construction offers the ideal weight to impact strength and also offers amazing flex. The Fluid line of boards are high end wave performance SUP’s. "

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