2018 Diamond Pure Touring

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Model : Diamond Pure Touring

Brand : Fanatic

Color : Turquoise

Year : 2018

Size : 11'6

Type : SUP - Touring

This Diamond is a Girl's Best Friend!


Volume 224L | Width 29” / 73.7 cm | Length 11’6” / 350.5 cm Weight 12,3 kg

Fittings US Box / SUP Race M 19.5 cm RTM

Recommended User Weight 45-85 kg

The Diamond Pure Touring glides effortless into new territories with outstanding stroke efficiency. A combination of exceptional stability and performance inspires newcomers and advanced paddlers alike to explore miles of coastline, lakes or rivers on this all-round cruiser. Built for smaller paddlers

More: https://www.fanatic.com/product/diamond-pure-touring/

Condition: Hurricane Damage - This board survived Florence! A few dings and scratches but she's still watertight! Awesome board for the money. Intersted in the board and want to see photos? Contact us HERE


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