2017 McKee Turbo SUP

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Model : McKee Turbo SUP

Manufacturer : ECS Boards Australia

Color : Red / Blue / Yellow

Year : 2017

Size : 7'3" through 9'5"

Type : SUP - Surf

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Innovation that combines performance, early wave entry and stability for every sup surfer.


The McKee ECS 'Turbo' is just one of many creative SUP designs that ECS will bring to the range. It is designed to be stable to paddle, enter waves with ease, be a fast and highly maneuverable fun shape to ride.


The board is based on McKee’s early 90s “turbo” comp surfboards which combined speed, projection off the bottom, controlled release and a feeling that the board indeed had a boosting 'Turbo' element.


Features include:


   •Rounded square shaped nose with forward concave through the mid section providing stability and early entry with catch free lift


    •Half Moon tail that smooths out wall-grinding maneuvers while setting focus in bottom turns and cutbacks.


    •Double concaves that run through a Vee tail bottom, straighten the moderate curvature in two-barrel sections. These reduce drag, increase speed, and combined with the raised Vee, aid fluidity of rail to rail transitions.


    •Turbo channels exit the rail where a hip is located, creating a pivot point with enhanced grip, making easy work for tight, 'off the tail' maneuvers. Additionally the channels convert any lateral drift into forward drive.

The Turbo is set up with futures fin boxes and surfed as a Quad or Thruster  

The Quad set-up will provide traction, speed, security and drive off the bottom with hold on long walls while a Thruster set-up gives a crisp pivot and playful feel when in punchy beach breaks and peaky waves.

The Turbo’s outline, features and thoughtfully foiled volume allow the board to be ridden shorter while providing a feel and stability of a larger board.

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