2018 Deep Ocean Boards - Dryft

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Model : Deep Ocean Boards - Dryft

Brand : Deep Ocean Boards

Color : Green

Year : 2018

Size : 14'x24" and 14'x26"


Contact: Marc - 704-771-8348

2 Sizes for sale - select at checkout!

– 14’ x 24” @ 295 litres

– 14’ x 26” @ 320 litres

Local Pickup in Phoenix AZ or San Diego Ca area - Shipping can be arranged for $180.00.

Demo board in excellent condition at a fantastic price.

The Dryft has taken on many characteristics and inspiration from our previous downwind designs, from experience and listening to our team riders and customers we have a very fast and comfortable board built for the ocean.


Forgiving entry rocker, with subtle changes to effect a smother open ocean experience. Stability where it is needed. The flat deck provides enhanced stability and overall comfort for the rider required for both open ocean and in the most testing of conditions. The New Wider Tail design gives increased ability for the board to pick up the slightest of runners. Pushing the board into a higher volume nose is the perfect combination for Speed, Stability and Performance.

External Product Url: https://deepoceanboards.com/dryft/