2018 Kraken

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Model : Kraken

Manufacturer : Boardworks

Color : Bamboo/Grey/Ocean

Year : 2018

Size : 11'

Type : SUP - All around


3 size options

$1,249 – $1,349

  • The Boardworks Kraken received both shape and graphic refinements this year. Whether you’re catching small to medium ocean waves or just cruising around your local water ways, the Kraken is a great option for all around water activities. With our enhanced hand finished epoxy sandwich bamboo construction the Kraken comes in three sizes ̶ 9′ 9″, 10′ 3″, and 11′ 0″. The board is set up with a single, tri-fin or quad-fin option, allowing the rider a choice between a center only fin for cruising or adding side bite fins to enhance the surfing experience. When waves and short distance paddles are your preferred choice of recreation, the Boardworks Kraken is the answer!


FCS II Connect Longboard Fin


  • Versatile, high performance LB fin for all conditions. Seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board.

  • BASE 6.43" / 163mm
    DEPTH 9.03" / 229mm
    AREA 39.91" / 25748mm²
    SWEEP 33.7º
    FOIL 50/50

FCS II Quad Rear Performer


  • The FCS II Quad Rear Performer is a balance of speed, flow & response. Excels in all conditions.

  • BASE 4.09" / 104mm
    DEPTH 4.26" / 108mm
    AREA 12.63"² / 8150mm²
    SWEEP 32.4º
    FOIL 80/20

  • EPX-V

  • EPS core laminated with layers of fiberglass cloth, bamboo veneer with stunning graphics coated with high-grade paint and polish. Some of our most attractive and popular boards are built in this construction. The Bamboo veneer adds both beauty and strength.