2018 LTD

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Model : LTD

Brand : 404

Color : Green/ Red

Year : 2018

Size : 14' x 27"

Type : SUP - Race

A wider nose that plows through chop in heavy upwind conditions and an increased nose rocker and tail rocker improve maneuverability, speed, and control while riding bumps. An extremely versatile board designed to be stable in rough paddling conditions.

The LTD works best in small chop to to heavy chop conditions.

  • 404 Handle and Self Regulating Air Vent
  • 404 molded SUP Traction
  • FCS SUP Series Touring 9.0 Fin

Board Construction
+ 1 lb EPS Foam (with carbon fiber stringer)
+ 5.7 oz Carbon Fiber
+ 4 oz Fiberglass

ATTENTION: Highly specialized equipment. Handle with care. 
Engineered for performance, this lightweight carbon construction is susceptible to breakage from excessive pressure or repetitive blows to the structure. Use caution when transporting and riding as such damage is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered under warranty.